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Ramkrishna Acharya

Building Machine Learning Apps Faster With

Happy New Year everyone!

This is the second part of the blog I am writing while exploring dstack. In this part, I will focus on an exciting feature offered by dstack which allows you to push and pull ML models from your command line interface, and share it with colleagues or other trusted people using permission management features.

If you are new to dstack, then you can read my previous blog where I introduce dstack by building a simple data app. blog or the documentation.

You find the following when you go to dstack’s documentation:

dstack decouples the development of…

Getting Started With

(Originally Published at
This blog contains a minimal example of making data apps using dstack.

dstack is another interesting tool in the world of Data Science with its use, we can push and pull our ML models as necessary and do more interesting stuff. I have only explored it a little bit hence I might not be listing all its features and awesome developers are making that tool more awesome by each day.

In this blog, I am going to visualize Titanic Survival Dataset. If you don’t have one then please download it from the above link. In this…


I am a CS Undergrad who always had a dream of writing a blogs and showcasing what i have to other people and motivate them. And no matter how hard i tried i failed every time. The reason must be not to try more and fear of failing. It has been few months since i am blogging on my website Ramkrishna Acharya. The domain is free for Nepalese. I write about some Machine Learning stuffs. I am using AWS’s instance which is still free tier and i am using wordpress for the site maintaining. But the students and unemployed…

Why not write by moving finger on the air?


  • Theory Part
  • Segmentation of Hand Region
  • Background Subtraction
  • Mask Generation
  • Contour Extraction
  • Writing Canvas Generation
  • Implementation
  • Adding Modes
  • Bonus Part

Before Starting

Huge credit goes to the pandemic COVID19 and without it, i would have not been another unemployed and the thoughts of writing this blog won’t have appear. Also the climate change, due to which i usually have blackouts.

This blogpost was originally published on my personal blogging site please visit that site for more versions of this system serially.

Using Keras, OpenCv, Numpy build a simple OCR.


Devanagari is popular across the India and Nepal. It is also a National font of Nepal so back on 2018 I thought of doing OCR for our font as project. I had no clue how to do it but I knew some basics of Machine Learning. But I started doing it on 2019 February and it ended on 3 months. At the end it became as my school project.

Recoginiton Of Devanagari Character


Some basic knowledge on Machine Learning. And for coding, you might need keras 2.X, open-cv 4.X, Numpy and Matplotlib.


Devanagari is the national font of Nepal and is used widely throughout…

Experience Of Being Udacity Scholar:

As a scholar of Udacity’s Secure and Private AI Challenge course by Facebook, I have not only learned about the Pytorch and Pysyft from the scratch but i also learned how it feels to be a Udacity scholar. First of all, the Slack channel is awesome and everyone is eager to learn and help each other. I was engaged on multiple study groups and every group has very helpful members and i learned how to work on group and contribute on project. I would like to give huge thank to Udacity and all the Slack…

Ramkrishna Acharya

I love making computer understand things by creating intelligent programs.

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